Monday, November 30, 2009

New Book--Official Release of "Raw Emotional Lyrics"

So I mentioned this earlier, but now I can make the "official" announcement.

A really good friend of mine named "Poetizer" just got her first book of poetry published. After months and months of hard work--it is DONE! The book is called "Raw Emotional Lyrics."

Proud to say the editing was done by yours truly as well as some of the photos. I took on this project awhile back because the book is truly very good and extremely honest. Here's a slice of the synopsis:

"...My transgressions have been buried in the depths of the earth. The dead skin of life's tribulations has shredded from my thoughts poem by poem leaving a trail of matured wisdom, a vision guided by spiritual reflection and filtered into a soul of purpose. I've carried my cross. My burdens weren't mine to bear. I had to fulfill this task so that others wouldn't have to see themselves in a place of uncertainties, confusion and darkness. I survived life after death…so will you!"

I highly recommend it! Check out the link from the publisher.

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  1. congrats on knocking that out. i know what it's like to have a long project to work on. finishing it is the best feeling in the world.