Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So after 30 days...

So as of this week my 30 day challenge is over...

No I didn't accomplish everything, but..I've most definitely, looking over it all, made some progress...(yeah for progress!! LOL). Of the things that I posted here in this blog...

I did keep up with my blogs relatively on schedule, finish my b-day book, re-do my resume and portfolio--it's (and if anyone needs a resume revamp let me know!!), I wrote 5 brand new pieces (not 10, but that's ok), did a couple of freelance gigs this month (and one in progress), made time to write, hit up 4-5 venues--I even took protegee #2 out and had her perform for the first time on Monday.

The biggest change I caught in myself is my say I have been tested in the last 30 days would definitely be a massive understatement, but where old me would've handled situations a certain way, new me--or should I say, work in progress me-- took time to do things a little bit different...and sometimes uncomfortable. But I feel better about it. :)

I won't make excuses for the stuff I didn't do, although I will say a few things were precluded by the move to the new place (which will be wrapped up at the end of the week). So we start over again and we make some time to set some new smaller goals.

And today I woke up feeling really good...with this song in my head:

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