Thursday, November 5, 2009

Item #138- Make a List of 100 Things That Make Me Happy

First I have to say thank you to just helped me knock a goal off my list.

I've had the TTDBYD blog now for about a year!

It's hard to believe. The year has been...well I guess "challenging" would be the best way for me to describe it. I've been through quite a bit with life, love, goals etc... and sometimes I think I need to remind myself about the things that make me happy and ultimately make me...well ME.

I set this goal in January. Believe it or not this list was actually a little hard to do, but it is: My List of 100 things That Make Me Happy

a beautiful summer or early fall day
a compliment
a day off
a good rainy day
a great pedicure
a night spent drinking and playing cards/dominos with friends
a really good steak
accomplishing one of my goals
amusement parks
an open mic
back/head massages
beautiful scenery
being the catalyst for someone else's accomplishment
cake from Tiffany's Bakery
chocolate…GOOD chocolate
dancing in the house
DC during the 4th of July
discovering out of the way spots that only I know about
doing something nice for someone else
doing something silly just cause I can
driving with the windows down and singing loudly and badly
empty notebooks
finding a great new song (or an old song that's new to me)
finding money I didn't know I had
finding something beautiful where it shouldn't be
finding the "perfect word"
finishing a poem
fresh flowers
getting a great deal on something I wanted
getting good grades…in grad school (I have a 4.0)
girl's night out
good art
good conversation
good jokes
good music
good sleep
great quotes
hearing a random (but utterly retarded) song while I'm out and remembering a funny moment associated with it
holding hands with someone
hugs and kisses (especially from Drey!)
IM chit chats with one of my favorite people
inside jokes
laughing until I cry
learning a new word
listening to Drey when she gets excited about stuff like losing a tooth
live concerts
loving someone (despite the circumstances)
making a hot new beat
making funny faces at people just to make them laugh
making mix cds
my birthday
my new red computer
new babies
New Year's Day (I always see it as a chance to start over)
playing guitar hero
playing with kids (I'm a big one myself)
popping bubble wrap
popsicles (red or the pineapple ones my daughter likes!)
postsecret and the Sunday morning paper
proving someone wrong about me
reading a good book
reminicing with friends
seeing an inspiration story and thinking "I can do that!"
sitting back to watch while my friends perform or record
smiling at people and having them smile back
spending time with friends/people I love
spontaneous road trips
standing on my head because Drey wants to see mommy do her trick
stepping out in brand new shoes or a brand new outfit
strawberry ice cream
surprising other people
taking great photos
telling someone one of my hilarious stories
the beach
the moments when I feel extra confident
the perfect margarita
the smell of cupcakes
Trefoil Girl Scout cookies
unexpected surprises
visualizing my dream trip
watching a great college b-ball game
watching a really good movie
watching Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (the liquor store scene still cracks me up)
when things go "all wrong" but we can laugh about it and write it down later
when things go "just right"
winning lottery tickets
writing sessions


  1. What a great list! I am so happy that I helped remind you of the importance of this goal.

    I actually smiled the whole way through your list and am excited to see that you find happiness in some simple things... I love when people don't require moving mountains to appreciate things!

    You rock!

  2. Nah YOU rock! lol. I appreciate the motivation.

    The small things are always the best. Keep it simple right? lol