Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The wedding...

Well again, thank EVERYONE sincerely for the love and support for my friends.

The dream wedding was on Sunday. As promised, I am sharing with you.

Let me say I had an absolutely fabulous weekend. I rode up to New York on Sunday morning and it was pretty much hotter than the third circle of hell. I took a little walk in Central Park since it was across the street and then came back and started helping with some of the last minute stuff.

We started a few minutes late, but all in all it was perfect:


Just when it couldn't get better, the groom surprised everyone, by having Dru Hill perform at the reception. YES... THAT Dru Hill. OMG--they can SANG!! (yes I said SANG not SING)

Which inadvertently allowed me to cross an item off my list:

Item #66: take a picture with a celebrity (check)

That's me with Sisqo. LOL. They actually stayed for a little while at the reception which was really nice--I thought they were super nice.

All in all it was absolutely an amazing day. I know they are so HAPPY!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Countdown

I wanted to check in today.

It's been crazy busy times. But the good news is, after all of you guys helped and voted. My friend Nikki and Isaac are less than 48 hours away from their wedding.

It's on Sunday afternoon so I will be heading up to New York this weekend. As I promised, I will post up pictures when I get back--plus I'm working on another one of my BIG goals, but shhhh...we'll keep that a secret until it's complete.