Friday, July 29, 2011

Rock and Roll

Speaking of helping people accomplish goals...

My business partner (who is an awesome musician), just got sponsorship to go to VH1's Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp at Woodstock.

After training with some serious legends, she gets to open for Blood, Sweat and Tears, The Family Stone and a few other heavy rock hitters. In fact, she's being interviewed by one of the local papers sometime next week.

She leaves on August 12. Meanwhile, we've been running a fundraiser to help send her--the sponsorship covers the cost of the camp, but not the travel costs. Take a look at the link: and watch her video EPK on the "About Us" page to get a better idea of her music. Feel free to pass the link along--I'm always about supporting people's big dreams!

Where does the time go?

So aside from eating my way through Item #160-- Tasting all of the flavors at G'town Cupcakes (today's random sampling were Mint Julep and Caramel Apple), what have I been doing?

1. Looking for a PR job. My job is moving to Kansas soon and it's time I put this Master's degree to work.

2. Trying to find some planning time. I've been working with some freelance clients and putting together resumes (for other people) so it's been busy lately, but I am NOT by any means complaining--All of these activities/efforts are going towards the consulting business I've been working on with my business partner. Good stuff!

3. Trying to find some vacation time. Sigh! I have a bunch of hours on the books, it's just finding time, energy and funding to actually go somewhere. I deserve some R&R, but alas no rest yet for the weary.

4. Figuring out what goal to tackle next. I mean it's literally been 2 months since the last accomplishment and I try to do a minimum of three per year, so I have to make it a fun one...


Is anyone else accomplishing anything or do anything fun this summer?