Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just do it.

So my last post, I asked what people would do if they didn't have to worry about certain things...I posted the link to this elsewhere and received some interesting responses.

I know with everything that's going on in our daily lives it's really easy to forget to dream about something bigger or even focus on accomplishing even the small things. We have this tendancy sometimes to push things to the back burner for "someday" or "later" or listen to the doubters (who may even be our own selves) who tell us we shouldn't do this, or it's a bad idea to do that.

Today I throw all of that out the window.

1. First...for those that read my baby name blog... I'm finally finishing up the text and the plan is to push a book version to publishers (in theory) by the end of the year. Too many people have asked me for it and I figure I've been sitting on it long enough.

2. Tomorrow I am turning in my application for grad school. Those that know me know I'm actually already in graduate school, however...a really good opportunity presented itself to me and I'd stay kicking myself if I didn't at least try to do this. So cross your fingers for me and I will let you all know how it goes in a few weeks.

3. Speaking of books... I mentioned a few posts back that I helped a friend get her book published--the cover and text have just been approved and are going to print. Hopefully (again, fingers crossed!) I'm thinking that the book will be ready by Christmas or just after the first of the year at which point I will post up all the information so you all can check it out.

No more sitting on stuff. I figure if I can do everything I've been doing in the middle of everything else, you have no So get moving!

On a sidenote--I think I missed this, but I've been doing TTDBYD for a just over a year! If I haven't said so yet, THANKS you guys for all the support

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