Thursday, January 1, 2009

No Resolutions!?!

Happy New Year all.

This year I am resolving NOT to make resolutions. That's right! No resolutions. Resolutions are temporary--how many people do you know who've actually kept theirs? Instead I'm adding goals to my life list.

So here are the new additions:
  • Read the Kama Sutra
  • Start a photo journal
  • Do the Rocky Horror Picture show (thanks Tyler for suggesting that one)
  • Write another "Audrey" book for Drey
  • Learn to a hip hop or rock song on a violin
  • Bake a perfect batch of cookies
  • Be as bold/self confident/assertive as Drey (see my previous blog)
  • Take a picture with "The Awakening" (on the National Waterfront in DC)
  • Take dance lessons (I'm thinking ballroom or salsa)
  • Build a bear at a Build-a-Bear workshop
  • Have someone send or send myself flowers at work
  • gamble in Monte Carlo
  • Slip a secret into a Post Secret book
  • Learn a cool bar trick
  • Keep up with this blog
I am probably going to add a few more things, but I think that's a good start for 2009. Lol.

So, let's toast to a great New Year and new accomplishments!

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