Friday, December 26, 2008

The Best Inspiration Ever!!!

I want to share with you the best inspiration I have ever had, courtesy of my 4 year old.

Yesterday among the presents my daughter got was this little Tinkerbell wand. Of all the things she got this is by far her favorite--she has been carrying it around ever since.

This morning my mom and I took her to the store with us while we shopped the day after Christmas sales. Of course you know the lines were long and the store was crowded!

What did my 4 year old INSIST on doing but walking up to EVERY single person in the ENTIRE store and say:

"Excuse me," (yes she has fantastic "can you hold out your hand."

As soon as they did, she would touch them with the magic wand and say "I'm giving you fairy dust so that all your dreams come true."

I never saw so many people smile.

Thanks Audrey! :)

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