Saturday, January 24, 2009

Item # 128 Take a picture with "The Awakening" (on the National Habor in DC)

I got a new camera just before the inauguration. Finally!! My original plan was to drive up to Baltimore and take some pictures. Unfortunately, it's a little too cold, so I elected instead to test the camera at the DC Waterfront and knock another item of my list in the progress.

This is the Awakening...

It's a 100 foot sculpture of a giant coming out of the ground. It used to sit over at Hains Point in DC until about 2 years ago when the artist sold it and last year it was moved over to the new waterfront.

I added it to the list because I have great memories as both a little kid and a teenager going over to Hains Point. I don't think I got a clear shot of it, but to give you some perspective on how big this actually is...the knee cap is actually worn smooth in the front because all the kids (including me) used to use it as a sliding board.

I think the new camera works pretty well. Maybe I'll take that trip to Baltimore next weekend.

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  1. GREAT pics. And cam seems to work nicely. Look forward to more.