Sunday, February 1, 2009

Off the List- Reason #512 Why I (Sometimes) Like DC

I decided I would take in some culture today. First I went to visit the Phillip's Collection--which is an amazing collection of art from Mattise, Picasso, Van Gogh... Today however was the last day of the showing of the Jacob Lawrence Migration Series.

It's a beautiful set of paintings depicting the migration of blacks from south to north. You can view the entire set at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, so it's rare to see it here.

After which, I hopped the train and headed to Chinatown to check out the Chinese New Year Parade

It was pretty cool. The weather was perfect...about 60.

I even had a (lol) celebrity sighting...I saw former Mayor Marion "the bitch set me up" Barry.

The only downer was they couldn't light the giant firecracker because...there was a gas leak. Leave it to DC to have a gas leak next to a 3 story tall incendiary device. Eh, well...

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