Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Goals #155-162

You know given everything that's happened within the last year not just to me but to everyone around me and others, I'm really starting to grasp how important it is to just let go of some things and make this list happen. Life is meant to be enjoyed and we should take nothing for granted. So I'm going to be more ambitious with knocking goals off and also setting the bar higher...said I figured out some more things I want to do

Here are my newest list items:

  • journal/write or blog everyday for a straight month
  • make a "life soundtrack" (this is actually going to be difficult because I am a music junkie)
  • name a star after myself or someone else
  • put together a book of inspirational and/or funny quotes
  • build a house with Habitat
  • take a (fun) class I never thought of taking
  • win the lottery for over $100

Oh yeah and I'll take a challenge. If you think of anything I should add...comment. Make it fun...make it count. Game on.

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