Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Six days in...2010...hey that rhymes! lol

Well as you can see a) I'm back! lol

b)I made some minor decor changes to the blog. I may experiment some with the colors/background and heads up.

Change is good.

And speaking of...

I am making a few MAJOR changes to the blog this year...



I'm bringing in a new blogger!

TTYBYD will soon become a two (wo)man operation. I will introduce her soon--(I'm helping her get set up in blogger)

So why the new addition? It's simple... accountability. Plus she's absolutely hysterical, but seriously...

We had an interesting discussion today about goals and realized...hey! it's easier when you have someone else to not only motivate you but hold you accountable for reaching the goals. This will also be a huge help to me since I start school again next week.

Change is good right?

and #2...I'm going to (at least when I can) start video blogging. This actually is timed to coincide with one of my grad school courses (I'm taking a class in digital media and content management).

So that's the first round of things I have in store...

I may have some more surprises around the corner.

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