Friday, January 29, 2010

7 Interesting Things About Me

Breaking from my regular format for a sec...I think this is an interesting little experiment. It'd be cool to see who else follows suit.

I have a few blogs that I follow and enjoy. This came via one of my favorites A Choice of Weapons (I definitely recommend, Jaycee has some great topics). I credit the original idea back to Assertive Wit (which is another good one)

Here are 7 interesting things about me that you may or may not know...

1. Since this is a blog and you don't get the benefit of my voice...I talk really, really (really!) fast...which is why I think the Guinness Record I'm going to try to break will be for the world's fastest talker (I think the current record is a little over 600 a minute reading from a specific text... I can do almost 450 with no practice)

2. I used to live in London as part of a semester abroad program and worked for the British government doing PR for one of the third parties during the elections.

3. Speaking of jobs...when I lived in Las Vegas I had a second job at a Vegas wedding chapel (you haven't lived until you've seen an Elvis

4. I was born after a bomb threat--my mom was miltary at the time and someone called in a bomb threat...that's apparently when I decided to jump ship

5. I've had the same best friend for 30 years! That's hard to come by nowadays

6. A few years ago I was in the contestant pool for The Weakest Link

7. I've been told on more than one occassion that I am "not normal" because I don't have a fear of anything...not heights, public speaking, snakes, bugs (not that I am particularly a fan of the last am slightly clausterphobic though.

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