Friday, February 20, 2009

What I've Learned So Far...

In chronicling my life list, I've come to realize a few things...

1. the more I accomplish, the more I realize there's more I want to do---if that makes any sense.

2. nothing I have on my list is really as easy as it seems. I've hit several road blocks (most recently some runaround concerning my schooling and funding). I get frustrated, however I am going to find a way to work around it--you can count on that.

3. people who are not living their own dreams will always attempt to find a way to derail yours. I refuse to let this happen.

4. my accomplishments, no matter how small are just that--accomplishments! Sometimes the smaller things turn out to be more amazing and have bigger impact than the larger ones

5. i am learning something about myself everytime I knock something else off the list.

I'm being kind of introspective today and in doing so I'm adding a few more things:

New items:

  • get paid to do something on the list (preferably the
  • video/photograph/document my accomplishments whenever possible
  • take photos nice enough to be blown up and framed/displayed as art in my house
  • sit down and make a realistic budget/savings plan (this includes an emergency fund) and stick with it

This is just a side note and not an official list item, but I am also going to start really re-focusing on my writing. I am a writer by profession and it is how I make money outside of my 9-5 (whether that be through poetry or freelancing).

Like I said, I am musing today and being a little introspective.

On a lighter note though, spring is coming in a few weeks (in theory)...any new list suggestions or good ideas for spring activities?

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