Monday, February 9, 2009

Black History Month

I'm all about culture, new experiences, travel and the like. I think it's difficult to have an appreciation for the world unless you've actually seen it.

That being said seeing as how it is Black History Month, here are some ideas for places/things to see. Of course this is not an extensive listing, but just some starter points to add to your "to do list".

Washington, DC

Lincoln Memorial- a grand tribute to the president that signed the Emancipation Proclamation, inspired our 44th President and site of the "I Have a Dream Speech"

Frederick Douglass Historic Site- tours of Douglass' DC Home and historic documents


DuSable Museum of African American History- offering special programs all month long and year round celebrating acheivements of African Americans


Dr. Martin Luther King National Historic Site, the King Center- located in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood of Atlanta. Tours of the home of Dr King as well as the King center are available. Ebenezer Baptist Church is located in the same neighborhood

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute- photos of famous moments in Civil Rights history. Birmingham is also the site of the Sixteeth St Baptist Church bombing

Harper's Ferry, WV

Tour the town, just north of DC/Baltimore- site of John Brown's abolisionist revolt

Baltimore, MD

Great Blacks in Wax Museum - Where all the greatest acheivers are immortalized in wax

New York

Lots of doings in NYC, but I would recommend as a starter, the Harlem Hertiage Tour a walking tour of a community that is synonymous with African American culture.

Again, not an all inclusive list, but you can check with any local library or nearby university for events in other cities/areas.

I would also recommend adding books, movies and music to your celebration. I can build a decent list if anyone would like suggestions.

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