Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 13...

Almost to the halfway point of the 30 day challenge! Yea me! LOL.

What I've accomplished so far:

2 new pieces written (I will post at least one of the 10 sometime in the 30 day challenge).
-I've been to two venues (including one last night--had a great time! trying to get back into performance shape)
-I missed church this past week :( but made up for it with a huge overdose of the WORD channel on
-I finished my birthday book. It's called The Masquerade: What Mask Are Your Wearing? --not a bad read. Has a lot of good exercises in it.
-I revamped my resume as part of my school application. I had to convert to a CV...who knew I'd done that much stuff? lol

Still working on a few more things...but not doing too bad.

How's everybody else coming along with their goals?

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