Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check. Item #55- Attend A Earth, Wind and Fire Concert

I'm back on my game plan.

So of course there is a story to tell with this...

For the last 3 weeks, it has rained almost every day here in DC. Last night was the Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire concert. Of course it was outdoors and of course I had lawn tickets. You see where this is

It started raining heavily about ooooooh time was 7:30--not just raining-- THUNDER STORMING. It rained all the way up until, I kid you not...the second Earth, Wind and Fire took the stage. And suddenly a hole opened up right over the whole venue. I had managed to find a great spot on the ledge of this wooden patio, so I was up off the wet grass and able to see over the sea of umbrellas.

Best. Show. Ever.

At first I was kind of disappointed because they did all of my favorites-- Reasons, Fantasy, Let's Groove Tonight, Serpentine Fire... all EXCEPT one. Then Chicago came out and the rain started I like Chicago...not a huge fan--I tend to think of great/cheesy 80s hits like "You're the Inspiration" (which they performed last and "Glory of Love" from the Karate Kid...but I do like them!

About 11, I contemplated leaving since the drive back was long (the show was way out in Maryland), but something told me not to go just yet...

EWF comes back out and performs... September! (which if you know me is sort of my unofficial theme song)

I can officially be happy I laughed, danced and sang with the people around me. All in all I had a ball. So check another one off the list.

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