Monday, May 18, 2009

What's Next...

I have missed y'all. It's been a busy few weeks --in a lot of positive ways.

Let's see... two movies knocked off the list Goldfinger---(LMAO @ Pussy Galore, how the hell did they get away with THAT in the 60s??? ) and Blow Up--which was weirder than weird (and, perhaps I missed the significance somewhere but Yahoo! could've KEPT that movie. It was like Yellow Submarine meets LSD meets Alfred Hitchcock meets mimes playing tennis...LMAO)

I got my ticket to see Earth, Wind and Fire in a few weeks. Yeah! excited about that. Show is June 10, so I will come back with an update and hopefully pictures then.

And I have been issued a challenge, which I have decided to add to the list...

For those that don't know I am a spoken word artist. My work goes across the board from politics to relationships, but... the one thing I never, ever do is love poems.

Recently, I've started training a really great writer for her mic debut. She tells me I should write and perform a love poem on stage. Now understand...this is 180 degrees from my normal...I would consider myself more a "concept" poet if I had to put a name to it. My style is more rapid fire delivery and tactical wordplay and hence why I've never written or performed a love piece. Needless to say this will require some work on my part.

I could use some motivation I guess we'll see how this little experiment comes out.

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  1. Go ahead and write a love poem. It will be cathartic.