Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Surrender

It's very weird.

This particular entry is probably going to sound more along the lines of one of my personal blogs, but it relates to TTDBYD.

I realize it's a new year and typically with that everyone feels like they need to make some momentous life change. I get like that too, but in changing things the end result is in theory supposed to be for the better.

Twice today, I've found out that a friend (two different people I mean) has given up something that is of significant importance to them and in both cases it seems it was because they became disillusioned--either with people or the process--and let that deter them from doing something they loved and were enthusiastic about.

Now, I am one who truly knows about letting that kind of thing get to me. I'm guilty on occasion of that, but then I take a step back, reassess my situation and go from there and I hope that both of my friends can do that--otherwise two talents are going to go to waste.

I say that to say--now, especially NOW is NOT the time to give up on accomplishing your goals, dreams or whatever it is you're trying to do. In fact now is the time to go harder, dig deeper and push yourself farther.

I'm ready. What about you?

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