Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The wedding...

Well again, thank EVERYONE sincerely for the love and support for my friends.

The dream wedding was on Sunday. As promised, I am sharing with you.

Let me say I had an absolutely fabulous weekend. I rode up to New York on Sunday morning and it was pretty much hotter than the third circle of hell. I took a little walk in Central Park since it was across the street and then came back and started helping with some of the last minute stuff.

We started a few minutes late, but all in all it was perfect:


Just when it couldn't get better, the groom surprised everyone, by having Dru Hill perform at the reception. YES... THAT Dru Hill. OMG--they can SANG!! (yes I said SANG not SING)

Which inadvertently allowed me to cross an item off my list:

Item #66: take a picture with a celebrity (check)

That's me with Sisqo. LOL. They actually stayed for a little while at the reception which was really nice--I thought they were super nice.

All in all it was absolutely an amazing day. I know they are so HAPPY!

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  1. OMG i'm sooooooooo happy for them and for Dru Hill to perform. Yess. COngrats to them