Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moving Right Along. Suggestions for a Birthday Goal?

I've been bad...well sorta. LOL. I haven't done much in the way of making a dent on my life list. Well...that's not entirely true, I have some plans in the works to make some things happen, because my goals are BIG ones (most of them) and circumstance has kinda put me a tough position. Such is life, I suppose.


While I am preparing for my goals, I have been helping someone else move their's along. A really good friend of mine is working on publishing her first book and so I've been helping her through the process...(yeah progress!!! LOL) When it's ready I will debut it here. I can't say much yet except that it's very good stuff.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about which thing to tackle next... my birthday is next week, so I'm thinking that may be a great excuse to at least attempt to knock off something or maybe add something new.



  1. Ok, I got the perfect thing for you to do for your B-Day! Create a scholarship for teenaged bloggers who desire to go to a HBCU!
    Just an idea. Missed You!

  2. LOL. Funny you mentioned that...I just got asked by a friend of mine to design a logo for a foundation that will be giving scholarships to students who want to go to HBCUs...I'll have to ask about the teenage blogger part though--maybe I can talk him him adding that ;)